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Introducing the first set of nippers with fishing line containment. The special tube design allows cut line to stay within the nippers until emptied. Easily remove the catch basin and store the bits for future recycling.

 No need to try and save tiny bits of tag in pockets any more. I'm confident these nippers will reduce line lost in our waters.


 I print and assemble each nylon nipper myself  and of course in the future, I’m looking forward to them having replaceable blades and the body made from aluminum and or stainless steel for durability and longevity. 


To the best of my knowledge these are the first set of Eco-Conscious fishing nippers to be created. This is a proof of concept prototype. I have been bothered over the years and trying the best I can to save and dispose of nipped tag-line. Trimming and properly disposing of tag-end line and tippet can be so hard at times. Try as you might saving and disposing of a 1/2 inch piece of 5X or 6X tippet while on the water with freezing hands is quite a challenge. I was successful some of the times but would drop or lose some in the process. I know that some people also try but the majority do not. They just let it drop where they stand. As a toy, fine art and special effects designer/developer I have always been in the mindset to create things from scratch and/or try to enhance products that have missed their mark.


Most eco-conscious fishermen want to make as little impact on their surroundings as they can. To leave a spot as if they were never there. This new design of nippers greatly improves on that ideal. Let us put an end to lost bits of fishing line in our rivers, creeks, lakes and oceans.


It’s truly this simple. Many small changes can add up to something big.

Len E. Burge III

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