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30+ years experience in product design, sculpture, model making, fabrication and mold making.

Stan Winston Studios

Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris Burden Inc



Mcfarlane Collectibles 

Jakks Pacific

Smartlab Toys

Tom Burman Studios

Michael Westmore

Mirada Studios

Trans FX

Autonomous FX/Jason Collins

Creature Effects

Shaun Smith FX

Christien Tinsley Studio



Senior Dimensional Designer at “Walt Disney Imagineering”.  Create and oversee working (full scale) prototypes for Animal Kingdoms “Avatar” land. R&D casting resins and casting compounds for 10 year outdoor longevity and create architectural models for new constructions within the parks. Point up sculpting on large scale CNC machined foam applications for theme parks.

“Stan Winston Studios” Sculptor, designer, fabricator and mold maker for films. ..“Edward Scissorhands” “Predator 2” “Terminator 2” “Batman 2” “Jurassic Park” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau”

“Creature Effects inc.” lead sculptor for 10+ years. Sculpting scaled models from wax and clay to be scanned and produced with CNC full scale in foam for point up and final fiberglass molding and finishing.  Most notably the “Technical Academy Award” winning mechanical horse created for Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samurai” and since featured in dozens of films like “The Revenant”

“Chris Burden Studios”

Worked directly with “World-renowned” sculptor Chris Burden for 8+ years. Most notably construction on “Metropolis II” permanently on display at “LACMA” in Los Angeles. “Metropolis II” was a 4 year kinetic sculpture project created out of steel, aluminum, acrylic, ceramics and wood… 



“Hasbro” Toy company

Design, sculpt, mold and oversee a new line of 3D puzzles of my own invention. Creating the initial working prototypes and paint samples and working with overseas manufacturing of the tooling molds.

“Spinmaster” Toy company

Design, sculpt, mold and oversee a new line of 3D puzzles  of my own invention and design. Creating the initial working prototypes and paint samples and working with overseas manufacturing of the tooling molds.

“Custom Keyboard Controller”.

Create a custom keyboard controller used to control all aspects of iPad synthesizer apps. Most notably iVCS3. The goal was to seamlessly recreate the famous VCS3 synthesizer from the 1960’s, only with an iPad mini replacing  the original pegged matrix system.


Toy invention and prototype production.  15 + years experience.

Smartlab toys… Create, invent and develop prototypes for new toy lines.

Spinmaster…Option, lease and create prototypes for new  toy line.

Hasbro…Option, lease and create prototypes for new  toy line.

Mattel…Option and design for new toy line.

Sota Toys…Sculpt and design new action figure line.

Ravensburger….Option new toy design.

Jakks Pacific… Option and create prototypes for new toy line.

Mcfarlane Toys…Sculpt and design new action figure line.

K-nex…Option new toy design.

Playvisions inc. …Sculpt and design new toy lines.


“Study of Metals” jewelry design.

Carve, sculpt, mold and cast new and unique pieces of jewelry utilizing gold, silver and bronze. Using platinum and tin silicones for the final wax injection process.


“Trans Fx”  fusion of art and technology.

Sculpture and point up on many projects in the theme park arena.

Guillermo del Toro’s “Mirada Studios”

Sculpt, design and mold conceptual character maquettes.

 More Feature Film work can be seen at….

Film and television effects, sculpture, makeup design and on-set management. 30+ years experience.

“Jonah Hex”           “Punch-drunk love”              “300”

“Jurassic Park”       “Batman 2”                          “The Last Samurai”

“Terminator 2”       “Edward Scissorhands          “Exeter”

“Predator 2”           “The Watchmen”                  “The Lone Ranger”               

“I am Legend”       “No such thing”                    “Big Sur”

“Ted”                      “Star Trek Nemesis”             "Buffy the vampire slayer"            

“True Grit”             “Chicago Hope”                     “Cowboys vs Aliens”

“The Alamo”         “Seabiscuit”                           “Dragonfly”

“The Arrival”         “HBO’s “John Adams”            “Star Trek”


Commercial and video direction, art direction and editing.


“Backworlds” band: Lusk, former members of Tool. Director,

art director, designer, sculptor.


“The wind is strong” band: Cindytalk. 

Director, art director, animation.


“McDonalds” New Zealand. 3 claymation spots.


Shorts. Film, edit and compose score. 


A Hydrological Cycle

Lake Serene


Pogonomyrmex barbatus

Quileute Nation

4 - Days

A Plothering


Animation-art direction for Olivier Gondry’s Beringer “Vineyards” wine commercial.


Tool “Prison sex” Producer, art direction, fabrication, animation.

Member of the screen actors guild.


Multi-level experience in Logic Pro X, ZBrush, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sculptris , Meshmixer, Blender, Excel  and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Len E. Burge III

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